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How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

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Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life, and you want to be able to remember the details of the day forever. One unique idea that is becoming more and more popular is preserving your wedding bouquet. Why spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, only to throw them away after a couple of days? Don’t let your money go to waste!  Preserving your bouquet is such a cute and fun way to hold on to the special memories from your wedding. If you are sentimental, and never want to forget the emotions you felt on your wedding day, this is perfect for you!

Your wedding bouquet can be preserved in a gorgeous frame and can hang in your home forever! This piece is not only beautiful art, but something that you can treasure, and something that will always remind you of the best day of your life.

There are lots of options and places to preserve your bouquet, but we wanted to highlight a specific company called Pressed Floral, based here in Utah. Below you can find a link to their website, and some examples of previous bouquets that brides have preserved. Let your wedding day memories last forever!

Did you Preserve your Wedding Bouquet?  How did you do it?