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Popping The Question? Here Is How To Make Your Proposal Extra Special!

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Asking someone to marry you might be the most stressful thing you can do and a major turning point in your life! But there’s no need to fret! Here are some helpful tips to make your proposal less stressful and let it be the beautiful moment it’s meant to be!

Ideas for Proposal Activities

Do something private. Large public proposals can add a lot of stress on not only you but also your partner. To avoid this, make it an intimate and private moment to share between the two of you. One way to do this is picking something that you both enjoy doing together. That could be going on a short hike (short because no one wants to be sweaty in any pictures you take.) Or, you could propose while snowboarding/skiing,  on a picnic, or during a walk.  You could also re-enact your first date and propose during or after to give the moment some nostalgic meaningful vibes.

Depending on how all-out you want to go, you can also spice it up a bit by renting out a private plane or boat and asking the big question in the air or over water. These would still give you the privacy of the moment while also enjoying the experience.

This is a moment you never want to forget. To ensure this, think about planning ahead with someone close to you or your partner who can meet at the designated proposal spot and take pictures of the moment your lives change forever. Also think about printing out your favorite pictures of the two of you together and placing them strategically on your date. You can even play a song that means a lot to the both of you too. If they are close to their family, you may even invite them to come and be part of the surprise.

Mood and Timing

A part of proposing is also setting the mood and timing. If creating the perfect environment yourself is too much, consider doing your proposal at different types of festivals. Lantern festivals are always a good go to as they create a feeling of magic for you! Consider also Christmas light activities, or even exhibits like the Van Gogh experience currently in Salt Lake.

To allow your proposal to run smoothly, make sure there are no distractions. Clear your day/evening and, without giving yourself away, make sure they do as well. If you are planning on taking pictures or videos of your engagement, subtly make sure you both look photo ready. This can be done by not doing anything overly physical.  Frame your date as something worth dressing up for. Even if you aren’t planning on a fancy date.

No matter what type of proposal you decide on, take time to be in the moment and to celebrate. It’s not everyday you get engaged!