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What is the Average Cost?

Depending on the area you live in a wedding can have very diverse costs. The national average is about $20, 000, but that varies in different areas of the US. We have the lows and highs listed for the six areas of the United States.

The Plains:
Low: $3,000
High: $21,000

The Northwest:
Low: $5,000
High: $55,000

The South:
Low: $13,000
High: $48,000

The Southwest:
Low: $5,000
High: $55,000

The Northeast:
Low: $9,000
High: $61,000

The Midwest:
Low: $9,000
High: $51,000

These numbers are based on a 200 guest count.

Your wedding may cost anywhere between the numbers for your area. Remember, though, that the median number is not necessarily the average for your area. Also, you should choose your budget based on your own financial situation, not what is going on in your area.