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New Twist For Old Wedding Traditions

Old: White Wedding Dress

New: You can still wear the traditional white or ivory wedding dress but how about throwing in splashes of color with sashes and colorful jewelry. Wake it up and rock it out with your favorite colors.

Old: Confetti of Rice

New: Sparklers (the colors of your wedding theme), glitter and air-popped popcorn. Instead of tulle bags try tossing cones.

Old: Bridal March Canon D

New: Have the Wedding DJ play your favorite tune, hire a cellist or quartet to play an instrumental version of your favorite rock song that has a special meaning for both of you. (clear the music selection with your church pastor if ceremony will be held in a church)

Old: Getting Married In the Church

New: Pick a wedding ceremony location that has meaning for the both of you, it doesn’t have to be in the church to be “legal”. It can be a park, gallery, backyard, even an old theater where you had your first date. Think outside the box and find your very own special ceremony site.

Old: Exchanging Traditional Wedding Vows

New: Customize your own wedding vows by blending your personalities and your feelings into an amazing set of wedding vows that will have way more meaning for the two of you than a vows template will ever have. Then for added memory frame it as a beautiful keepsake.

Do you have suggestions to shake things up?

From: Kesha King – Opulent Custom Event Planning