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Creating a Financial Plan Before Marriage
Before your Utah Wedding, set aside time with your future spouse to create a financial plan to position your wedded union for success.
What is the Average Wedding Cost?
Need to figure out how much you want to spend on your wedding? Check out these statistics.
Every bride should set a budget before buying anything so that she knows what she has to work with.
Budget Worksheet
Print this helpful budget worksheet to calculate your wedding expenses.
Who Pays for What?
Usually the bride’s parents pay for most things, but what tabs are picked up by others?
Marriage and Money – Managing Your Finances
Follow these tips to help get your marriage finances off on the right foot.
2010 Real Weddings Survey Results
2010 Wedding Statistics from the 4TH Annual Real Wedding Survey
The Costs of Being in a Wedding
Wedding costs can be expensive. This chart shows some of the costs associated with being a Bridesmaid and a Groomsman.