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Picking Out the Perfect Spring Florals

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Flowers are such an important part of your wedding. They’re the perfect way to tie in your color scheme with the season, all while adding your own personal flair. It can be overwhelming to choose how you want your flowers to look, but don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect tips for you so that you are able to have the spring florals of your dreams.

Start with a Vision

Pinterest and Instagram are great resources when it comes to finding your dream wedding bouquet. There are thousands of wedding bouquet pictures on the internet! You can check out what’s been done before and then put your own spin on it! Have a vison- know what flowers you like, what flowers you don’t like, what greenery complements your color scheme, etc. Think about if you want a looser or tighter bouquet of flowers. Envision all of the details!

Pick Out a Skilled Florist

Different florists have different styles, so it’s crucial to pick a florist that can give you exactly what you want! Look at their social media account and find bouquets that they’ve previously done. You can talk with your florist and they’ll help your vision come to life. Florists have all of the resources to find several different types of flowers, colors, and greenery, so don’t be afraid to pick multiple kinds of greenery and flowers! Check out our vendor list if you’d like to see some of our favorite florists here at Salt Lake Bride!

Decide How Big or Small You Want to Go

Oftentimes, florals can be one of the biggest wedding expenses. Luckily, there are ways to cut corners if you’re on a budget! For example, you can think about giving the bridesmaids small bouquets of baby’s breath instead of bigger – more expensive – flowers. They’re still beautiful, and they’ll save you some money! Think about how you’d like to have your reception decorated. If you want to go all out with the florals, do it! If not, pick out some greenery and decorate your tables with that. There are simple ways to save money on flowers – just get creative!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers and bouquets. There are so many options and styles that you can choose from! Spring weddings are perfect for celebrating the new season and the onset of growth, brightness, color, and new life. Good luck with your wedding planning!