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Marryoke – The new cheesy wedding trend

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For the last few years, couples made their special day unique by copying coordinated dance routines down the aisle and at the reception, after that one couple did it on YouTube. Now, there’s a whole new “unique” thing everyone is doing: Marryoke.

Marryoke is lip-synch karaoke that a wedding videographer captures your guests performing at different times of the wedding. When they edit it all together, you get a music video of your wedding, set to the timeless song of your choosing: Classic wedding songs like Etta James’s “At Last” and — nope, actually, Marryoke is mostly done to songs that aren’t likely to stand the test of time, like LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” or the Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time,” a remix of that song from “Dirty Dancing.”

The trend began in the U.K., but has made its way over to our shores — so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to lip-synch to some Katy Perry at a wedding this summer. Wedding trends, like the coordinated dances to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown songs, spread like wildfire among brides looking for a way to distinguish their wedding day from all of the others. Videographers even offer special “Marryoke” services as part of their packages, now.

What will a Marryoke video look like at the 50-year anniversary? Probably really cheesy — but if the couple makes it to 50 years still happily in love, it doesn’t matter.

Posted at 10:03 AM ET, 01/23/2012  By Maura Judkis

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