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Ideas for an Elegant Spring or Summer Wedding

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Are you starting to dive into the planning process for your big day? We know it can be stressful to decide on colors, themes, venues, and everything in between. Planning starts months in advance, so even though there is snow on the ground, it is crucial to start brainstorming early. You have come to just the right place, and we have some tips to help you with that. 


Bright and Vibrant Colors! 

A fun trend we are looking at this year is a bright, multicolor color scheme. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but you might end up falling in love! This Salt Lake wedding was focused on vibrant hues throughout every detail. 

Bright Florals

Make a Grand Entrance!

This stunning couple arrived at their reception in a greenery-laden golf cart to then begin their first dance. It was a unique touch to the wedding but was an audience favorite. It was the perfect way to make a grand entrance and draw attention where it should be. 

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

The bride desired a floral-focused wedding, and that’s exactly what she got. Wildflowers dangled from garlands across the tables and created a beautiful ambiance for the event. This was a very unique and bold decision but created an elegant vibe for the guests. The flowers brought everything together and made for the perfect summer escape. 

For details on the vendors for this wedding, check out the reel!

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