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How to Minimize Stress During Wedding Planning

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As we all know, life can be very stressful. We often find ourselves wondering how we are going to fit all that we need to do into our 24-hour days. Life does not stop when you get engaged, which also means that the daily stressors do not stop as well. While wedding planning may be very exciting, it can often come with a lot of anxiety as well. Brides can find themselves overwhelmed with all the decisions they need to make and how they are going to find time to fit their decision-making into their busy schedules.

Here are a few tips for Brides as to how to reduce their stress:

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress! Not only will you feel good about yourself and more energized, but it will help clean your mind and release endorphins. Even going on a 30-minute walk once a day will help you function better and have a more positive and open mindset.

Make a To-Do list
Make a list of both your long-term and short-term decisions that need to be made. This way you know what is coming in the future. Most importantly, you can focus on the important decisions that need to be made right now. Sometimes when we put everything we need to do on one list, it can be too overwhelming. This way you can prioritize your decisions and not put too much on your plate at once.

Check out our Wedding Calendar
On our website, we have great resources! One of the best is our Task Calendar. It lays out a generalized list of what you should be planning and when. We also have other great resources including local vendors, planning tips, and ideas! All of your wedding needs in one place.

Accept help from others
There are so many people that can help you! Friends, family, wedding planners, etc. You are not alone in planning this wedding. Even watching videos online or reading people’s blog posts can help you plan. Sometimes letting others do some of the work for you may be hard at first, but it is worth it to lessen your workload.

Take care of yourself! Take time each day to pamper yourself and do things that you love. This is a tip for any time of your life. Showing yourself love every day will help relieve stress and make you much happier.

Talk out your feelings
If you are getting really anxious make sure to discuss your feelings with others. Keeping your thoughts inside and letting them build-up will just lead to even more stress and will make it much harder for you to plan efficiently.

Go on a date
You are getting married! Go on a fun date with your partner and take a break. Try not to talk about wedding planning or anything that brings you too much stress. Connect with your loved one and have fun.

Wedding planning is a lot of work, but if you manage your stress well, it can be a lot of fun! Happy wedding planning!

What are some things you have done to relieve wedding planning stress?