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How Much Money Should We Spend On Our Wedding?

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Deciding how much money you should spend on your wedding is a burdensome task. It can seem overwhelming and stressful. However, planning out your budget before is very important. If you are able to manage your budget correctly, wedding planning will be much smoother! One important thing to remember is that everyone spends different amounts of money on their wedding. There is no need to compare your budget to someone else’s. Depending on who is paying for the wedding, how much money they have, or how much you are willing to spend all contribute to the price. Here are some simple tips and questions to ask yourself to figure out what the right price point is for you and how to manage that budget:

Who is paying?         

First, you must figure out who is contributing to your wedding budget. Ask parents, grandparents, and other family members if they will be chipping in to paying. Find out how much they are contributing and add it up. After that, discuss with your partner how much you are wanting to spend. Figure out how much money you can save or pull from your savings with a realistic mindset. Be reasonable and remember that there is a lot more to a wedding then decorations and food. You do not want to overspend and then be put into debt later.

What can I estimate right now?

As you begin to make your budget, you should try and estimate about how many people will be coming to the wedding and where the wedding will be held. The average couple in America spends about $34,000 on a wedding, while in Utah the average couple spends about $18,000. Your budget could be completely different than this and that is okay. This is just the average amount so you can get an idea of what many people end up spending.

What is important?

Once you have a range of what your budget is, make a spreadsheet to organize out your costs. From there you will want to prioritize what things are most important to you. This way in case you need to sacrifice a couple of things or cut down the price, they will be less important.

Some extra tips:

  • Do some basic research before creating a budget in each area of your wedding. This way you will not be surprised when you hear the costs of certain vendors or caterers. You will be able to be realistic while creating your budget and divvy out the correct amount of money to each aspect.
  • Put some money aside for unexpected costs. It is inevitable that something will not work out or go your way. It is better to be safe then to end up overspending.
  • Know that it is okay to do less. No matter how much money you spend, your day will be great because you and your partners love is being celebrated. It’s your wedding day!
  • Finally, use more online resources! Websites like the one below can help create a wedding budget for you and calculate costs.

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