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Hiring a Wedding Consultant

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A consultant’s job is to help a couple determine, execute, and direct all of the many tasks that are required to successfully host a wedding. The consultant takes on the roles of facilitator, mediator, money manager, planner, organizer, creative resource person, and advocate of the bride and groom in their relationships with wedding service providers. The wedding consultant is responsible for seeing that every detail is taken care of and that the process runs smoothly and flawlessly. It is the consultant’s role to reduce the inevitable stress and glitches that are a natural part of every celebration.

In this modern age, wedding consultants are trained to work within a variety of budgets. This means that even if you have a tight budget, you can afford a consultant who will be able to help you stick to the budget. Usually, wedding consultants are hired on a start-to-finish basis (which can get expensive), but wedding consultants can facilitate wedding planning in other capacities.

There are many different ways a consultant can help. You can schedule a consultation where the consultant provides a wedding guide and a list of preferred vendors to check out. You can also hire a wedding consultant to oversee things on the evening before and actual day of the wedding. Or, you can contract a wedding consultant to work with you on a freelance basis (to help find a location, advise on catering firms, florists, etc.), in which case they’re paid by the hour.

If you choose to do one of these methods, you will definitely spend less than normal services. Most consultants charge by the hour and some charge a flat fee depending on what you need them for. If you have a preference, you should find a consultant that charges the way you prefer. If you don’t have a preference you can just call around to a couple consultants and see how much they would charge for what you want done.

If you do decide to use a wedding consultant keep these points in mind:

  • Be very clear with your consultant about what you wish done and what areas of the event you wish to control and/or implement on your own. A written, legal agreement will serve both you and the consultant well.
  • Be clear as to what it is you are paying for. Discuss and decide on the number of hours you expect your consultant to provide and for what tasks he or she will be responsible. The more details of the relationship you discuss and agree upon up front, the better.
  • The consultant needs to work with all the principals, so as soon as it’s feasible, introduce the consultant you hire to your fiance.

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