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Fort Gordon Couple Marries Through Skype

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A Fort Gordon couple got married Sunday through Skype while the groom was serving in Afghanistan.

Jacqueline Durham spent her wedding day like most brides. From her bedazzled bride outfit, she got ready with her bridesmaids and took plenty of pictures.

But, there was also something not on a typical bride to be list: to check her internet connection. Jacqueline would marry her Fort Gordon soldier through Skype while he is still stationed in overseas in Afghanistan.

“He told me about it,” Jacqueline told NBC 26. “And he’s like what do you think about that? Do you want to do that? And I was like, of course. Since we can’t be together, it’d make it special.”

After two years of dating Trey, Jacqueline told us she couldn’t wait any longer.

“He is a really good person,” she described. “Everyone likes him. He’s funny. He’s easy going. He’s very laid back. It takes a lot to make him mad.”

Sunday afternoon, Trey and his army family lined up in Afghanistan while Jacqueline and her family shared the moment from her Hephzibah home.

They recited their vows to each other.

“My love for you cannot be measured,” Jacqueline said to Trey. “You have filled a void in my life that I never knew was missing.”

“I promise to keep a strong family and keep you guys happy and love you forever,” Trey promised Jacqueline.

The two even shared a kiss through the internet.

Trey is expected home early this year.

By:    Lauren Walsh | NBC Augusta
Published: January 06, 2013