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A Basic Guide to Catering Your Wedding

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One of the most integral parts of a reception is the catering. If the food is great the reception will be great! There are many options that your caterer can give you depending on your budget, number of guests, as well as what type of reception you are envisioning. This list will help you find the best option for you and make your day memorable!!

Breakfast or Brunch

These are perfect for a morning reception. Often they are the least expensive choice as they are generally served buffet style. Breakfast is perfect for an intimate setting with close friends and family or for a morning open house. They are typically done in a low-key setting. And who doesn’t love breakfast!! 


Luncheons are a wonderful option, especially if you are the type of person who wants to have a meaningful reception and then move on with the day. Lunch service is also a cheaper option than dinner service. There is also the option of a buffet luncheon or you can elevate your lunch with a plated lunch where the caterers deliver the plate of food to you and your guests at the table. Luncheons are also typically low-key and great for open houses where people come and go. 

Cocktail Service Only

 Cocktail Service is a great option if you are looking for something simple yet classy. Not only are they cheaper than a full serviced dinner, but you also get the option of more choices of food. They are perfect for smaller receptions or even for large open houses. Depending on your budget and theme of wedding, some catering companies will give you the option of a cocktail buffet that guests can approach at any time during the night as many times as they want, or you could opt for a passed cocktail option which just adds another layer of class onto your reception.

Dessert Bar Only

 Dessert only is also a very fun option! Doing a dessert bar/buffet can benefit you if you want to have a small and simple cake that you want to keep instead of serve. Like a cocktail service, dessert bars also give more options to choose from, which is perfect if you decide to not go the traditional route of having just cake. It is also a perfect accessory for an open house or late night reception and cheaper than a full service dinner. 


This meal is by far the most popular of all the meals. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. There are many different ways to go about dinner to custom tailor it to your needs. If you want something simple, a buffet with plasticware or eco-friendly plates are a great option! If you want something a little more classy you could also do a buffet with china plates. The most elevated option would be a full service dinner where the salad, dinner, and dessert is delivered to your tables by the caterers. You can also pair dinner with cocktail service beforehand and a dessert bar afterwards as well! 

No matter what your budget and reception and food vision is, there is always an option for you! Below is a link for some ideas!!