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Bridal Portraits

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For those of you who are new to the wedding mumbo-jumbo, a bridal portrait session is done with only the bride (all dressed up). Usually these pictures are taken at least a month before the wedding, so that they can be displayed at the wedding. However, some brides choose to do theirs after the wedding, or even on the wedding day.
One of the best things about the bridal portrait is that it is a great way to make sure what you want will really look good. Since you are completely made-up for your picture including dress, veil, jewelry, bouquet, etc., you will be able to see exactly what you love and what you don’t. If you decide the necklace doesn’t look that great in the pictures, you can find a different one for the wedding day. No one will know the difference if you change anything (unless it’s the dress, of course!).
Many brides cherish their bridal portraits because it is a true picture of their wedding day beauty, without the stress of the actual wedding day. It is so good to know that you can just work with the photographer to get the best pictures, without worrying about getting to the reception on time or making sure you talk to everyone. Bridal portraits are often considered much better than their wedding day counterparts, simply because the bride is relaxed and happy.
Usually the bridal portraits are taken at a different location from your reception. Some brides choose to have the portraits taken at the same location as their engagement pictures. Others decide to take them at their reception location. Sometimes you have to pay a fee to get your pictures taken somewhere. If so, make sure you plan this into your budget so that you don’t go over. Make sure you pick a location that will show off your personal style as well as the wedding style.
Often the cost of bridal portraits will be included in the photography package that you have chosen for the reception. If bridal portraits aren’t included, ask your photographer if you have a discounted price to add it to the package. If you can’t get a good price from your photographer, don’t hesitate to find a different photographer to just take care of your bridal portraits. Just make sure you do just as much research finding a bridal portrait photographer as you did for your wedding day photographer.