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How to Take Care of Your Skin Before Your Big Day

bride - How to Take Care of Your Skin Before Your Big Day

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life – you shouldn’t have to worry about your complexion during the festivities. Make sure to do all the work in the weeks leading up to your wedding to help your skin look its best! We have a few tips on just how to do that. Protect yourself from the sun! It might seem mundane but limiting sun exposure will keep you from wrinkles and age spots as you age. Short term, it can keep you from any unwanted sunburns or freckles. Make sure to wear sunscreen and protective clothing to keep your skin’s healthy glow! Stick to … Continue reading How to Take Care of Your Skin Before Your Big Day

Unique Wedding Decor


  Ever walk into a wedding reception and see the same décor you always see? When it comes to decorating your wedding, you want to stand out and remember every detail. Here is some fun and unique wedding décor for your wedding! Don’t forget to also visit our Pinterest page for even more décor! I DO Décor I DO Décor is a business that provides dozens of packages to create the perfect ambiance on your special day. Packages include: Backyard Bliss, Classic Bistro, Starry Night, and much more! If you want linens, lighting, tables, centerpieces, and other décor, I Do Décor has it all for you in an easy to … Continue reading Unique Wedding Decor

Spring and Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas


You have probably thought about your wedding day a million times, but when it comes to the smaller details of your big day, like your bouquet, it is easy to get lost. You may know the general look that you want, but there are hundreds of types of flowers to choose from. Never fear, we are here with some beautiful inspiration and guidance to help you pick gorgeous and affordable flowers for your wedding! Don’t forget to also visit our Pinterest page for more décor and floral ideas!     1. Pick flowers that are in season. Not only will this help your budget stay in check, it will also … Continue reading Spring and Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Our Top Far Away Getaway Destinations!


  Whether you are planning your honeymoon, or just want to get away, here are some romantic destinations that you should keep in mind while choosing a place to visit!                     @vinvelimphoto.                        @worldofjoonas                                    @beglam.girl Hawaii Although Hawaii is a long travel day away, the plane ride is definitely worth it! Hawaii is the perfect romantic getaway with its gorgeous lush greenery and sandy beaches. This destination is great for couples that want to unwind … Continue reading Our Top Far Away Getaway Destinations!

10 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

brides in beautiful gowns

There is no doubt that wedding dress shopping can be stressful.  We have ten tips for you that are sure to make it just as magical as you have dreamed that it would be since you were a little girl! Bring similar shoes to the ones that you plan to wear on the big day. An easy mistake to make is not bringing the right shoes, and it does make a difference! If you plan to wear four inch heels on your wedding day, but you get your dress altered to fit you with bare feet on, you have a big problem. It is a simple thing that will make … Continue reading 10 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

Date Ideas For Any Occasion

Date Ideas For Any Occasion couple kissing

Whether or not you are already married, engaged, or just dating, finding something to do to spend together can be really difficult. The classic dinner and a movie may seem worn out, while a vacation to Cabo may not be the most wallet friendly. Date Night creates new experiences that relationships can grow from and show commitment. They can even de-stress a relationship as memories are created and pure enjoyment is found again. HAVE A PHOTO SHOOT TOGETHER Taking pictures together is not just for weddings or engagement pictures. These pictures can be used to decorate your home, be kept in each other’s wallet, or just to have for the … Continue reading Date Ideas For Any Occasion

Finding The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue


Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding reception can be one of the most stressful parts of planning. There are so many to choose from, and not only are you looking for a place that will ‘wow’ you and your guests, but you are also looking for something that fits your personal style. This can be really tricky, but here at Salt Lake Bride, we are here to help you find the perfect place for your reception! The Thomas S. Monson Center features four gorgeous rental spaces available for wedding receptions as well as ceremonies. Each room is just as beautiful and classic as the next and the historical architecture … Continue reading Finding The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue