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6 Often Overlooked Wedding Planning Details

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Make sure your wedding day goes smoothly by remembering these 6 wedding planning tips.

1) Entertainment for Children
If there will be children at your wedding or reception, be sure to plan something fun to entertain them.   Some excellent ideas are: Coloring books, board games and crafts.   If there will be many younger children at your event, set up a nearby room with a DVD player and games and delegate one or two older children to stay and supervise.   At mealtime, consider seating little ones with their parents so they’ll behave while eating.   Planning ahead so children will not become bored will create peace for you on your wedding day, peace for their parents so they can enjoy themselves AND peace for the kids so they don’t go crazy.

2) Paying vendors the day of the event
Assign someone to take care of paying wedding vendors for you the day of the event.   Keep all payments marked and ready in individual envelopes.   Have these envelopes prepared in advance to ensure that you won’t forget any important vendors.   You have a lot to do to get ready on your wedding day; this is one detail that will just add to your stress. Provide you and your soon-to-be spouse peace of mind by assigning someone to take care of paying the vendors for you.

3) Comfortable shoes for the reception
Bring a change of shoes for the wedding reception, this goes for both the bride and groom – your feet will hurt after wearing dress shoes all day.   Remind everyone in your wedding party to bring comfortable shoes as well.   You will be on your feet all day, getting ready, rehearsing and running around like crazy. Once the stressful part is over, relax and really have a great time! You’ll be so thankful you remembered comfortable shoes.

4) Honeymoon Vacation Planning
Make additional copies of all your important documents just in case and leave them with a family member.   Put all copies of important travel documents together in one place: passports, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.   It’s a good idea to start packing at least a week before your departure.   Ask a friend or family member to assist you packing and ask them to be in charge of keeping all your stuff together and ready to go the day of the event.   Remember to bring plenty of one-dollar bills for tipping cab drivers, baggage handlers, etc.   There are so many stories about last minute honey-moon snafus. Save yourself the headache by having a friend assist you through the process to help keep you organized. All your luggage should be kept together and packed in a get-away vehicle for you. If you’re planning on drinking also request a designated driver to get your safely to the airport or your preliminary destination.

5) Have a checklist
This seems like a funny thing to have on a list of wedding planning  items “not to forget”… however – DON’T FORGET YOUR CHECKLIST!   The day of the  wedding and the week prior you will rely very heavily on your list.

6) Thank You Notes
Keep a list of all the gifts you’ve received and who they were from. If you’re having a large wedding, ask one of your bridesmaids to keep this list for you while you’re opening gifts.   Write and send out wedding thank you cards for every gift you receive within a week or two of the event.   Your guests will not only be pleased that you’re enjoying   the new set of silverware they sent, it will also give them peace-of-mind knowing the gift was not lost in the mail.

Do you know of any other often overlooked wedding planning details??   What did you forget at your wedding??