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5 Popular Color Schemes for Your Lovely Winter Wedding

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Winter is upon us, and so is the snow. The frosty setting may seem impossible to work with, but here at Salt Lake Bride, we know a thing or two about planning for a chilly winter wedding. The beautiful glimmer of the snow can be the perfect backdrop to a number of gorgeous color combinations, and we have five that we absolutely adore!

1 – Cream, Peach, and Blush

Photo by Edward Cisneros @everythingcaptured

Sometimes the combination of soft colors can compliment a snowy backdrop in the best way. The creamy whites with the rosy blush delicately enhance the subtle brightness of the peach.  This combination will inspire others to follow your choice of lovely hues.

2 – Ivory, Periwinkle, and Currant

Photo by Kaylie Gainer

Offset by the neutral of the ivory and the sweetness of the periwinkle, the deep currant is unforgettable, just like your wedding. The beautiful contrasts also look amazing with evergreen!

3 – Maroon and Navy

Photo by Morgan Cullimore @olive_sagefloral

Any shade of red will add an intensity to your wedding colors, so we recommend pairing it with a not-so-neutral neutral, like navy blue. The colors will pop with one another, creating a soft atmosphere at your wedding that will excite your guests, but also leave them wanting more of the familiar navy.

4 – Blood Orange and Crimson

Photo by Chelsea Bramall

Feeling bold? We simply adore the daring color combo of crimson and blood orange. The palette is fiery yet elegant, and ensures that your guests will have enough visual excitement to last a lifetime.

5 – Fuchsia, Blush, and Coral

Photo By Ashlyn French @ashfrenchphoto

Talk about tickled pink! This is a palette that we often see in the spring and summer, but how can you not love it in this snowy season? The snowy scenery makes the colors pop, and adds a unique feminine touch to your chilly wedding.

Of course, we’re biased to our beautiful color palette choices, but every bride is different! What are your favorite wedding colors?

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