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5 couples in same family marry in mega wedding

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How  about planning 5 weddings on the same day?

MESA, Ariz. – If you think planning for a wedding can be stressful, how about five weddings from the same family on the same day?

The Waldie family of Mesa made it happen Friday.

They dubbed this the mega wedding — three sisters, two brothers and their fiances decided to make it official on the same day.

Siblings Sydney, Brooke, Bradford, Walker, and Emily, the Waldie five, are somewhat of a local sensation with their weddings all falling on the same day.

“It’s been three months of running and no sleep,” laughs mom Kristen Waldie.

“They think we’re crazy or that it’s the greatest thing on earth,” says dad Douglas Waldie.

This Mormon temple wedding marathon means the entire day is filled with activity. In the morning three couples tied the knot, one after another after another.

“It’s better than I ever expected, its amazing to be able to see my siblings to be able to see the ceremony,” says bride Sydney Schaub.

“It’s actually been more perfect than I could have imagined. We’ve thought it through now for four months and planned this whole thing and everything has just been amazing so it’s been a great day,” says Emily Allen, another bride.

The five siblings did not have to share every single moment of this special day inside the temple. They have private sacred sealing ceremonies inside the temple. Once they come outside though, the Waldie mega wedding is on.

A family luncheon in the chapel next door serves as a break before ceremonies four and five finish off the formal portion of this truly unique day.

The evening reception for the new brides and grooms caps off months of frantic preparations, but today these couples are all smiles.

So what’s next for the proud parents after this mega wedding success?

“We end up in therapy because now were going to be home, just my wife and myself, and my youngest son Drake, a junior in high school. We’re going to be staring at each other saying what are we going to do now!” says Douglas Waldie.

The joint reception is Friday night in Mesa. Mom Kristen Waldie says they are all planning an anniversary trip together next year, and will make it a yearly tradition.

Posted: Aug 10, 2012 5:18 PM MDT
Updated: Aug 10, 2012 6:31 PM MDT
By Dan Spindle, FOX 10 News – bio

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