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4 Utah Siblings Have Same Day Wedding

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Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on the same day!

A St. George Utah family celebrated four weddings in one day.??Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on Saturday, June 14.

The siblings ? some biological and some adopted ? had always been close, but after the tragic, sudden death of their oldest brother last year; they grew even closer as a family.

So when 23-year-old Grace Fortney got engaged to Nick, she knew she wanted to wait to get married until her brother Marcus returned from his Mormon mission.??But while he was away, her two sisters, Meagan, 23, and Jessica, 19, began dating two close friends (Taylor and Kipp, respectively).??When Marcus returned, he started planning his own wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Blaire.??Always putting family first, the four engaged couples decided to share their wedding celebrations.

?With most families, this would not work,” Grace told KSL of the arrangement. “Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother.?

Each couple had their own 30-minute ceremony at the St. George Utah Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.??This was followed by a big communal wedding reception at a local ballroom with 1,000 guests attending.??All of the family pitched in to make it a family affair.??Kevin’s sister is a florist and helped with the wedding flowers.??Members of all five families pitched in to help make centerpieces.??Amber Davis, who is a Fortney family friend, volunteered for the wedding photography.

After the reception, the siblings left on separate honeymoons, but the day itself was all about the family. The father Kevin said, ?There are few things that can compare to the fullness of joy that you feel when your children are happy.?

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