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4 Real Life Wedding Crashing Stories!

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 According to the Wikipedia, “Wedding crashing” is the act of attending a wedding celebration without an invitation, particularly when the person or persons who turn up have a profound impact.”   

Why crash a wedding, you may ask?  Does it really happen?  Can it happen to you? 

There are a variety of reasons that individuals or couples crash weddings.  Here are just a few examples and fun stories that will definitely amuse and clearly show you that YES, wedding crashing is a “thing”  and it can happen to you.     

Reason 1 – The HOOK UP! 
Many of us have seen the popular movie, “Wedding Crashers” starring Vince Vaughn, and Owen Wilson.   Their motto,   “Life is a Party, Crash it”     For these two bachelors, and as their story goes, crashing weddings is all about the Ladies.   Hooking up was the “WHY” for them.    Who can blame them right?   After all, weddings aren’t just about the love between the bride and groom.  Take away… brides beware, if you have single ladies dressed to “kill” and in attendance at your wedding, you have just created the perfect “crime scene” for wedding crashers.

Reason 2 – DANCING!
Some crash weddings just to dance.   

Romantic and mischievous in nature, this story will be sure to bring a smile to your face and a sense of nostalgic inspiration.

“I knew everyone at my wedding, so when I noticed a middle-aged couple on the dance floor midway through I knew we had crashers. I was actually kind of happy though, what fun! I went over to them immediately and nicely introduced myself. They were a bit abashed and explained that they had gotten married at our venue 30 years ago to the day. They were back celebrating their anniversary, saw our wedding and popped in for a dance.”— Sara, a bride

Reason 3 – FREE FOOD and a KISS for the Groom?
The best “wedding crashing” I have personally witnessed took place several years ago at a venue in Ogden Utah.  I was the hired professional photographer.  I couldn’t help but notice a peculiar lady at the sign in book.  It seemed as if she was writing a novel.  She spent at least 10 minutes writing this couple a “note”    I looked at it afterwards, it was three pages.   After her writing frenzy ended… she entered the line to greet the bride and groom, or should I emphasis (groom only)    She made a quick pass through the bride’s family and gave no more than a nod to the bride.  But then….then came her moment with the groom.   It was “anchor down,” and legs stuck in concrete with the groom dead in front of her.   I was close by with my camera, observing and taking candids.  At this point my curiosity really started to spike.   

Whispering and hand gestures began to be passed around by both sides of the family as this lady was becoming increasingly close and “familiar” with the groom. Her conversation continued to push forward in that too close, you’re in my private bubble space.   But in the “heat of this formal moment” all that was assumed at this time was that she must be a close friend from the other side of the family.  What happened next?  I’ll never forget.  This wedding crasher grabbed the groom around his neck causing him to bend down to her.   She whispered something in his ear and then gave him the biggest longest KISS on the lips.  There was a long awkward pause of silence.  Looks of shock scampered around bouncing down the line like a row of dominoes tumbling over.  Smiles, looks of disbelief filled everyone faces.  The shuffle of questions and surprise filled the air with a palpable wonder.   The bride could only assume at this point that the groom was very close to this woman, as the “story” being told was that she was the dear Aunt of the groom.  The bride’s family bought it despite the awkward wonder.  After her “big kiss” moment she blazed through the groom’s family and headed straight for the food.   She wasn’t so convincing with the grooms side, but at this point it was done.  She had succeeded. 

I took the liberty of following her with my camera.  Her wedding crashing didn’t end with the kiss.  She moved toward the long table of food and deserts.   She fixed herself five plates, took them over to a table, sat them down and then went back for seconds before her “firsts” were even touched.   At this point, both sides of the family had figured out that nobody knew her from either side and that this dear Aunt was indeed a wedding crasher….but what do you do?    The party went on, yet the realization of what they were experiencing continued and certainly left its impression.  The talk of this Wedding Crasher became the highlight and topic of conversation and seemed to even high jack attention away from the bride and groom.   This lady wasn’t finished.  She continued to eat and eat and eat.   There were a few people that approached her and tried to engage in conversation, but her story was simple.  She was the loving Aunt.  That was it.  About 30 minutes later she got up from her seat and went back to the food table and loaded 4 more crystal plates heaping and overflowing with food.   

Finally, it was time for this wedding crasher to be done.  Her moment of glory had been executed without fail.   She had written her novel, kissed the groom and filled her belly for free!   And all without being caught.  At least so she thought.  On her way out the front entry, with plates of  food in hand and  her face a glow with the  biggest victory smile  I have ever seen, she was approached  by the catering staff who  politely told her that she could not leave with their  crystal plates, and offered her a “to go box”  instead.  Phew…another victory.   Long after she was gone the spirit of  this wedding crasher  continued to be the talk of the evening and a night that this bride and groom and their families will always remember.  – A Wedding Photographer

Reason 4 – Sometimes you just want to INTERRUPT the vow exchange on your 3-wheeler!
Yes…this one is mine!  This really did happen.  I  crashed my first wedding  when I was 14  and (by pure accident )  It was no quiet or subtle crashing either, because I did it while on my  noisy dusty  Honda 3 wheeler.  I was going about my day and enjoying a fun and common ride when it just so happened that the trail I was riding that day connected to a beautiful park where a wedding ceremony was taking place.   I came racing down the hill, dust and all, squeaky brakes and the smell of gas from a leaky tank and the noisy clank of my engine.  The trail ended exactly behind the bride and groom and officiator and they were exchanging vows.  I was terrified.   I froze with panic, but quickly gathered myself long enough to come up with the first thought that sprang to my mind – turn off the 3 wheeler, and run.   And that’s what I did.  I left my machine which became the new backdrop to this celebration and ran home.  Fifteen minutes later, a knock came to my door.  It was a member of the wedding party who recognized me.  Apparently my abandoned 3 wheeler was in the way of their pictures, and they asked me to please come back and get it out of the way. – Me on a 3 wheeler.  

There you go.  Wedding crashing isn’t just in the movies.  It’s very real and happens in a variety of ways.    Chances are in your life time you may either witness such a crash or be daring enough to crash one yourself.  Keep your eyes open … you never know who will turn up to “crash” your special day! 

If you have a wedding crashing story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it.  Please comment below or contact us.