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4 Hair Accessories for Your Wedding

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Every bride wants to make a statement on her wedding day. What better way to do that then by jazzing up the typical hairstyles with fun yet classic accessories? Here are a few ideas of ways to make your veil pop or something entirely new for the bride that wants to create her own unique look. 

Crowns & Hairpieces

Every little girl has dreams of being a princess on her wedding day. One simple way to do that is by wearing a literal crown or a hairpiece. These can make a statement by choosing a contrasting color from your hair (think bright silver against a brunette) or bring out the sparkle in your eyes (with bright jewels to draw out your smile). Even if you do not want to deviate from the classic veil, it is so easy to pair a veil with a crown. This elevates the normal look while still embracing the timeless and oh so beautiful veil. 

Flower Crowns & Greenery

There is no better way to embrace all the bohemian and springtime vibes than with a flower crown! Even a little bit of greenery or baby’s breath looks stunning against a wintery landscape. Adding a few similar flowers to your hair from your bouquet only makes your accent colors pop! Imagine a deep red rose or light pink flowers. Either way, we absolutely love how dreamy and romantic it looks to have even just a few flowers in your hair. 

Hats & Birdcages

If you feel like an old soul, a hat or a birdcage can give you just the vintage look you want! Hats are the perfect way to be a little different, but still feel like yourself. There is so much variety here as well. A wide brimmed hat would be perfect for fall, and birdcage hats look timeless for winter weddings. 

Pearls & Jewels

Lastly, one classy way to elevate your look is to use little jewels or pearls. This could be done by individually placing them in your hair (think of pins with little pearls) or with bedazzled barrettes or other similar pieces. Either way is so beautiful and draws more attention to your face. This would work perfectly to match any jewelry you may want to wear, or it can be a simpler way to take your look up a notch.

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