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3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

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While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget.

While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. One of the top pieces of advice you will receive is to hire a wedding photographer you love. And we wholeheartedly agree — your photographer will capture photos of every detail you have so carefully selected, the emotion on the faces of friends and family while you and your love recite your vows, treasured portraits of your family members in attendance and so much more.But there?s another vendor who deserves a second look. Someone who will capture your day and turn it into a movie your kids might just fall in love with years down the line, but who is typically dropped to the bottom of the have-to-have vendor totem pole: a wedding videographer. Here are our top three reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget.

1. It’s a time capsule

Both pictures and videos have an unreal quality: they can stop time. But videos allow you to see and hear your grandfather’s joy as you invite him onto the dance floor for a special dance alone with you. You can watch your young cousin walk down the aisle as your flower girl again and again when she leaves for college. Some of your loved ones will unfortunately pass away, while others will grow older. Your wedding video will capture them just as they are now for you to save forever.

2. For the moments you didn’t see

While you’re getting ready, your love is getting ready too. How did the other half of your wedding party spend their morning? You’re both likely wondering the same thing. You and your sweetheart may also be wondering how guests reacted when they saw your reception space and? wedding decor? for the first time, or how the dance-off that lasted for 15 minutes really started. Your wedding videographer will capture all of the moments you missed so you can watch them unfold later.

3. For the moving pictures

The biggest reason to have a wedding video is because it will create a moving picture of your day. You can relive your wedding morning and the conversations you and your bridesmaids shared as well as your emotion-filled walk down the aisle. Every move you made during your first dance can be watched again and again. And you can also see and hear all of the small moments that happened too – the words exchanged with your beloved after you recessed down the aisle, the kiss that your flower girl planted on your ring bearer. Your wedding day is busy, but you don’t want your actions to become a blur. Your wedding videographer won’t allow that to happen.

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