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3 Utah Date Night Ideas

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We have all been there, trying to plan date night and get stuck in the process with so many ideas or none at all. We asked around and here are 3 of the top dates ideas that are fun, easy to plan, and can also be inexpensive. 

Dining In

A fun way to save money but still have a unique and creative date night is trying a new recipe you have never made before. It could as simple as homemade pizza or trying something fancy like carbonara pasta with homemade sourdough bread. You can find a new recipe, plan out the meal, and even add some ambience with some candles and simple flowers on the table. 

Local Vendors

Living in Utah gives you so many different options of new shops or activities to try. Look online at your local area to see what fun activities you may find going on that week or that month. Some fun ones in Utah county include; The Wick Lab, The Gem Studio, Churro Company, or going to a comedy sports bar. Give something local a try and you might just find your new favorite place. 

Enjoy the Local Scenery

There are so many amazing things to do year round in Utah’s great outdoors. In the winter you can go skiing, sledding, or go to the iconic Midway Ice Castles. Spring can include the Tulip Festival, bike rides around a park, or a beautiful picnic. Even talking a walk to enjoy the sunset can be a fun way to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. 

We hope that some of these ideas help you on your next date night!