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15 Questions to ask when Looking at Wedding Venues

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Finding the right venue can be difficult for multiple reasons, a few reasons are financial, location, availability, food, capacity, and layout. First, make a list of all the venues you are interested in, there are a lot of venues in Utah but it can be hard to find out about them. Ask those who have been married in Utah for suggestions, look on Pinterest, google searches, Instagram, and look in your area, there could be a great venue close by! I recommend coming up with questions before you go tour the venues, that way you are prepared and can be efficient as possible when looking for the perfect place. Here are 15 questions that will help answer some of the constraints mentioned earlier. Good luck with the search!

  1. How long do you get the venue for?
  2. Maximum capacity?
  3. Do you have pictures of previous weddings here (ideas of how to decorate?)
  4. A list of preferred vendors or vendors other brides have used in the past?
  5. Do you have decorations to choose from or is it all outsourced? 
  6. Extra costs of decorations such as fancier chairs?
  7. Do the vendors offer food options or do we hire a caterer?
  8. Food tasting an option for the venue/cost extra to try?
  9. Options for food allergies?
  10. Fees for cutting/serving cake?
  11. Fees for audio such as the use of TVs, microphones, and speakers?
  12. What do you think makes your venue great or unique
  13. How can we utilize this space to make it reception? What have you seen work in the past?
  14. Parking option for guests?
  15. Cancelation policy?

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