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10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 2

We are glad you visited Salt Lake Bride blog for wedding ideas!! We hope you have an enjoyable time planning your Utah wedding. We would love to hear how it is going. Take a minute to post a comment or share with your friends. If you have suggestions for a blog or other comments, please contact us. Thanks and enjoy the Utah Wedding Blog!

What an adventure so far!

Our second week to plan a wedding has been a lot of fun – minus Michael was gone for work… again.   But he shows up at the end of the video, so check it out! This week we’ve set a lot of appointments, gotten more organized with our calendaring and planning, prepared for engagement pictures, and more.

The video  on the page  just highlights some of the things we’ve done this week, but below you’ll find a convenient bullet-point overview of everything we’ve done so far (including things from our first week). Some of our viewers have requested we do this and we thought it was a great idea to help plan a wedding. Thanks for the feedback!

Week Overviews (these are just what Michael and I are personally using – there may be other great options out there. If you know of some, we’d love to hear! )


  1. Tell  your family and friends you’re engaged
  2. Take time to soak in the fact that YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!
  3. Set  date with Temple for our marriage – January 10, 2014 in Utah!!
  4. Talk to EVERYONE you know that has ever planned a wedding, knows anyone in the wedding business and/or whom is in the wedding business themselves. You’ll find some great pointers and maybe even some deals!
  5. Ask  for help from family and friends to search for things you know you need (ex: mom called dress shops)
  6. Look for wedding planning checklists online that can help you plan your wedding
  7. Set budget
  8. Create  Google docs to share with each other to compile budget, vendor, music info
  9. Picked out colors – Orange and Mint Green
  10. Found wedding photographer for engagement pictures
  11. Found  a friend to design invitations and print them
  12. Have a Pinterest party every day to find things for the big day! (lunch breaks  work great for this)


  1. Set appointment with wedding event coordinator at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
  2. Booked Sharon/Manchester room at Joseph Smith Memorial Building for reception
  3. Start considering menu options
  4. Set  appointment with Flowers Squared
  5. Set appointments with dress shops
  6. Tell family the colors to wear at the reception so they can start looking for their clothes
  7. Use any spare time to research and plan (lunch breaks are a HUGE time for this)
  8. Create Google address list compiler form from
  9. Use checklist to make sure you’re on track with getting everything done in time
  10. Keep track of budget and vendors on our shared Google docs
  11. Put appointments and to-dos in your personal calendar. Using a digital calendar of some sort is nice because you’ll get notification reminders of when you need to start doing things. But really, any calendar is a MUST.    You’ll never stay organized without it.
  12. Solidify date, time, place with engagement photographer
  13. Pick out clothes for engagement pictures

We’re taking our engagement pictures tomorrow and I’m also going dress shopping, so check in with us on WEEK 3 to see how that goes!

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