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10 Unique Guest Book Ideas

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Weddings are full of memories. Some of the best ones are reminiscing about those who celebrated your special day with you. Guestbooks are a great way to remember all your friends and family who came to your wedding. Classic guest books are a great way to get short messages and a collection of names…but that’s not the only option available. Spice up your wedding by having a unique guest book that best fits you best! Do your wedding your way! Here are 10 unique guestbook ideas to help inspire and go along with your perfect day.

  • Polaroid Pictures. Getting creative is easy with polaroid pictures! Stick them in a book and have guests write notes around their pictures, hang them across twine with clothespins, drop them into a photo album. The possibilities are endless, and you get to remember what all your guests looked like for years to come.
  • Wood or Acrylic Signs. Whether it’s a wood sign with your wedding date carved into it, or an acrylic sign with your last name etched across, it’s a perfect guest signing idea. Have pens or permanent markers and have friends and family sign directly onto the sign. These signs are perfect to be hung up in your future home and enjoyed often for a lifetime.
  • Shadow Boxes. A shadow box is the perfect way to create a beautiful guest book. Have little pieces of wood (that can be any shape! I.e. hearts), have your guests sign the wood and drop them into the box. Shadow boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes that you can find the ideal one for your wedding! (Shapes of states, boxes, hearts, etc.)
  • Thumbprint Ink. This can be a bit of a messy option, but as long as you have wet wipes or a way for guests to wash their hands it is a fun idea. Have a couple pads of ink and a canvas and let your guest stick their finger print on it and sign their name. There are lots of options for what to have on your canvas. Some have trees and the thumbprints are the leaves, others a champagne bottle and the guests thumbprints are the splashes, or even fireworks at the top of the page and a beautiful painting of the bride and groom underneath. Let your imagination run wild and find something that will fit your wedding style.
  •  Typewriter. Inspired by the classics, have a typewriter at the guest table and have them type up stories and memories of the bride and groom or even notes and well wishes. Bind the pages together and make a wedding book, artfully put them into a scrapbook, or even put them in envelopes for the newlyweds to open later. 
  • Signing Beloved Objects. Who said guest books have to be a book? Have a little fun and invite guests to sign a different object that is important or represents you as a couple. We’ve seen everything from signing records and guitars, to surf boards and skis or sports jerseys with your last names on it! We’ve even seen people sign benches. Whatever is important to you is important to your guests. 
  •  Highlighted Bible. This is a great sentiment for religious couples. Bring a new bible and invite friends and family to highlight their favorite verse and sign their name by it. It’s a perfect way to feel connected with your guests for years after the wedding. 
  • Quilt pieces. Love it knit together with this one, puns intended. Have square pieces of fabric and invite guests to sign notes directly on it. Leave simple instructions on how to sew their piece on or have a family member sew it together while you’re away. Either way, you’ll be able to stay cozy and warm when you’re wrapped up in the love of your family and friends. 
  • Message in a Bottle. Have loved ones write notes, roll them up, and tuck them into a bottle. Weddings have done bottles for year anniversaries for guests to write advice and well wishes (i.e. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc.). This is a great way to celebrate with your family on your wedding day, but for years to come.
  • Jenga. Here is a fun idea, that’s also perfect for children. Have your guests come in and sign a jenga block (from a pile, or having them pull it out of an already made tower), and stack them on top of the tower. It’s a fun and interactive take on a guest book, and one that you can use for many years.

Those are our top 10 creative wedding guest ideas! Take these and run with them to make your wedding perfectly you! We cannot wait to see what you will come up with!

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